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BCBA was formed January of 2013

@ JMA Gamefarm. The original founders/members are namely:

The group was created to have a group of sabungeros in Batangas City area where everyone would enjoy fighting and promote camaraderie among members. On its third year of existence, the group is now formed of 79 strong members.

BCBA has its own circuit of derbies where all members are REQUIRED to join each derby. Every start of the year, all derbies are discussed and planned. In 2016, the circuit are as follows:

Apart from this set of derbies, fastest kill events and/or small derbies are voted and planned by the group which members are adviced to join. Then after each event by the group, a meeting is called to discuss the result of the event and have members bond with each other.

At the end of year each sabong year, the member who gathered the most number of wins/points using one entry name shall be crowned the breeder of the year. He/she shall receive cash and trophy and be known as the King of BCBA!

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