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Batangas Cockers and Breeders Association
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Derby Circuit Schedules 2018

All are welcome to join us.

1st Leg

5-Cock Derby

2nd Leg

5-Cock Derby

Anniversary Derby

1-Cock Timbangan FK

3rd Leg

7-Stag Derby

Christmas Derby

2-Cock Derby

4th Leg

5-Cock Derby


From small dreams, to derby champions!

  • 2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The group was formed on January 2013 @ JMA Gamefarm with only 8 original members namely Michael/Joey Aquino, Joseph Aquino, Ferdinand/Roland Chavez, Ebok Ebora, Allison Bartolome, Gani Lontoc, Chito Uy and Fidel Bacuto.

  • 2014

    Breeder of the Year Awards

    2017 - Haring Bastos entry of Konsehal Aldwin Garcia
    2017 - RCE Malalim entry of Roy Ebora (Stag Breeder of the Year)
    2016 - JC & JAM entry of Fidel Bacuto
    2016 - Dale & Elise entry of Dennis Guerra
    2015 - JEL Banaba Farm entry of Joselito and Edwin Ebora
    2015 - Boy Tahid entry of Ramil Perez
    2014 - Boy Tahid entry of Ramil Perez

  • 2018

    Number of Members

    New members are accepted every January of each year. As of 2018, BCBA has about 109 members.

  • 2018

    Member Achievements

    BCBA has already produced champions of different prestigious derbies namely 2017 12-Stag Derby Bakbakan champion Jon Hermoso and 2017 BNTV 7-Stag Derby champion Boyet Saldonido.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

The acting officers and BODs.

Joseph Aquino


Luis Chito Uy


Ebok Ebora


Michael Aquino


Allison Bartolome

Board of Director

Ferdinand Chavez

Board of Directory

Isagani Lontoc

Board of Director

Fidel Bacuto

Board of Director

Doc Rod Bautista

Board of Director

Diosdado Aguila

Board of Director

Boyet Saldonido

Board of Director

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